It has only been years since smartphones and tablets came into existence but you will already find many people who claim that these are items that they now could not live without. One of the things that they provide us with is apps that allow us to do everything from manage our investment portfolios to tracking the whereabouts of our children. While there are many apps that can make life a little bit easier, there are others that are just for fun. Here are some of the more popular options.

If you're someone who rides public transit on a regular basis or doesn't like waiting in line to get your lunch or pay for a taxi than you know how great it can be to have a few good games on your phone or music player. Many people get lost for hours into the world of Angry Birds or hone their skills at playing poker or solitaire. Some games allow you to play alone while others have the option of connecting to friends and family. You could have a Scrabble match with your sister on the way home from school or could indulge in some movie trivia.

One of the things that apps are now doing is allowing you to put all of the things that you could want into one device. This is certainly true for the programs that you would use for entertainment. You once needed to carry a separate phone, music player, and eReader. Now, you can get one small device that makes it possible to listen to your own music while you're in a taxi cab and while reading the newest best seller. When you're choosing a new phone, for instance, you might want to see how many apps you can get that will eliminate the need for more than one device. Download your library's software to be able to loan free books or use a search engine to help you find "filter presses" or a "Reiki wellness specialist" in Colorado.

Online shopping is a convenience that many people are starting to embrace and this is not just something that you can do from the comfort of your own home. If you're a fan of or a certain clothing store than you might be able to find an app that will tell you about all of the latest sales and let you purchase the newest items before they even reach the store. You can buy all of your music on your phone and have it sent to your home computer or could buy your mother something for Christmas while you're walking around on your lunch break.

Some people love to have access to their music or video player when they're at the gym and you might not know that there are lots of apps that can help you stay active. Instead of going out and finding a yoga class near you, you might want to see if you can find a video app that allows you to do it right from home. And those who love to run can record all of their stats with an app that will measure everything from the number of steps you took to the calories you burned. You can start looking for online Yoga classes at Namaste!

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