Most people don't think a whole lot before they update their status on a website like Facebook. This seems like the perfect place to tell people that you just got a great job working with children or to complain about one of the subway lines being delayed and you having to stand on the platform for an hour. But, sometimes we forget that this is a relatively open website and that some of the things that you post could have serious consequences to your life or the lives of others.

Techopedia will define facebook status update for those who are unaware.

One of the things that many people need to think about is what they are saying about their workplace. While you might think that there is little harm in sending a message that is complaining about working in a factory because you don't have your boss on Facebook, you might be surprised at how information can still sometimes get back to them. You should also think about what you're writing if you're the sort of person who calls in sick to go to the beach or because you had a late night out the night before. This is definitely something that could get you in trouble with the wrong post. Our contacts at have many a cautionary tale about the implications of sharing work-related information online.

For example, don't go posting complaints about your boss on your Facebook page; instead act like a professional and take your issue to management.

When you're giving out information in person to people about the condo that you live in or your phone number, you're usually pretty careful about who you're giving it to. You should take the same care when you're deciding whether or not it is a good idea to put personal details about yourself in your online posts. Again, you might think that this is something that is only going to be seen by people you trust but that is not always the case.

There are some people who don't put a lot of deep and personal information in their posts. They will simply use it to brag that they are spending a week in Fiji or to announce that they are moving to a different job within their company. Then there are those who will post everything that happens to them in a day. If you're in the latter category then you should remember that some of the things that you might be willing to tell the world could be a secret to someone else. Make sure that you're respecting those around you when you're choosing what to post on your blog or Twitter account.

Always think twice before sending out a Twitter tweet.

No matter if you're running a business or are graduating from business school, you should always be aware of the potential consequences that can come from online posts. Never put the wrong information on the Internet if you can help it.

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