Every day more and more people join the ranks of mobile phone owners. Unfortunately, the spread of cell phones has not coincided with the spread of good cell phone manners, so mobile phone users often annoy the people around them. So as much as you crave attention for the new iPhone you just bought, it might be a better idea not to flaunt it. Here are some tips for keeping the peace between you and the people around you.

Put it on Vibrate

There are many situations where it would be rude or disrespectful for a mobile phone to begin ringing. You can't hope to head off everyone who might want to call you during the seminar or interview, so put your phone on vibrate. Vibrate will let you know if someone is calling so you can check the screen and decide if you need to take the call outside. You should have your phone on vibrate if you are at a lecture, ceremony, service, or dinner, or if you're in a quiet place like a library or hospital. For example, don't be the annoying individual in the movie theatre chatting away about your upcoming dentist appointment and disturbing all those around you!

Take it Outside

If you do get a call that's important enough to answer during an event, take the call outside. Never answer your phone in the middle of a movie or a funeral. Many people also misunderstand when a call is serious enough to warrant ducking out to answer. A doctor receiving a call from the hospital about a patient is serious. A call from your real estate agent is not. Let those calls go to voice mail. If you want to know who it is that is calling you, look into caller ID options like those provided by AT&T phone company.

Be Conscious

Even when you are outside, you are still in public, so be conscious of who is around you and what they are doing. If you're in a park on a nice day and many people are having picnics, it will ruin the atmosphere if you have a long, loud conversation with your coworker. The same is true on buses, in stores, and at work. Just as you have a right to use your phone, others have a right to not listen to you jabber on, so keep your calls short and sweet.

Texting No No's

Most people think texting is less obtrusive than talking on the phone, but in fact there are many situations in which texting is very rude. For instance, if you're at dinner with a friend who is in the middle of a story about her family and you keep tuning out to answer text messages, her feelings will be hurt. Texting is also very dangerous while driving and disturbs others in lectures, movie theatres, and any situation where you're supposed to keep your attention on the person you're with.

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